Services near the Base Hotel that you might need

03 March 2021

During your holiday, you are likely to need more services than just dining and leisure facilities.

The Base Hotel is located in the heart of San Antonio, so you don't have to worry about finding what you need.

Discover the services nearby!


There are different ways of getting around Ibiza.

  • Bus: The bus station San Antonio is 400 metres away, or 5 minutes walk. From here there are several bus lines: L19 (Santa Eulalia), L3 (Ibiza), L3.1 (Can Coix) and NL3B (Bora - Bora).
  • Taxi: The TAXI STOP is 140 metres away, or 2 minutes' walk.
  • Rental vehicles: There are several car rental companies around the Base Hotel, less than 5 minutes away.
  • Ship: On the promenade, less than 2 minutes away, there are several companies that offer transfers between coves and villages on the island.

Covering all your needs

Relax, you have everything you need close by:

Other services

If you need anything additional:

We are also on the street with the highest concentration of bars on the island, and you will also find several restaurants.

From the Base Hotel

If you don't find what you are looking for in this list, or you are not sure, don't hesitate to ask at our counters what you need.

Access is easy and everything is close by, but either way: we will be happy to be your guide.

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