Ibiza's famous West End

03 March 2021

Ibiza is known for many different things, among them the quality and quantity of nightlife you can find here.

One of the best known locations is the West End of Ibiza, where we are located, fun is guaranteed!

Drinking in San Antonio

This is the island's most popular street with the highest concentration of bars, and its fame certainly precedes it, as thousands of visitors come here year after year.

During the months of July and August it is extremely lively, so it is impossible to get bored - you might even meet someone new!

In winter, on the other hand, it is a very quiet area frequented by the young people of the island at weekends, as there is little nightlife that remains open.

There are bars and pubs to suit all tastes and budgets, and small clubs if you fancy a bit of music. You'll also find fast food outlets to grab a snack before you go out.

The West End legends

There are certain places in the West that you can't leave without visiting. Do you want to know them?

  • Tropicana: one of the best-known pubs on the street.
  • Bar Colón: This bar existed before this area became known as the West End, for over 40 years. Rock music, pool, darts and a good atmosphere.
  • Soul City: another veteran in the area where you will find reggae and black urban music, with internationally renowned DJs.
  • Highlander Scottish Pub: a Scottish pub with a friendly atmosphere and a good customer service.

An appetizer before the main course

You won't find any big nightclubs in San Antonio, so if you want to start the night with a bit more of a cooler vibe, the West is the ideal choice.

Once you've enjoyed the unique atmosphere, you can get tickets for the big shows on offer at Pachá, Amnesia, Hï, Ushuaia and Hard Rock (among many others).

Connections from the town will make it easy for you to travel between the locations you're interested in safely.

Let's have a good time!

From the Base Hotel

If you like nightlife, and these plans have caught your attention, we can recommend interesting places to visit.

You will also find nearby a street with souvenir shops so that you can bring back a special souvenir for your loved ones.

We can also provide you with tickets for all the festivals in the area, so you won't have to leave the hotel to buy them or get information.

We will be happy to be your guide!

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