Boat trips from San Antonio

03 March 2021

Water activities and maritime leisure are one of the many things that characterize the island of Ibiza.

Our privileged position in the heart of the town means easy access to all the boat trips on offer from San Antonio.

If you fancy enjoying the sea differently, then don't miss out on the plans we have for you!

Why you should go on boat trips

The sea is enjoyed differently from a boat than from the beach, as it allows you to go deeper into the wonderful turquoise waters of Ibiza.

There are services that not only take you comfortably to different coves on the same trip, but also stop to allow clients to snorkel or kayak in the area.

Some even have glass bottoms to admire the seabed!

Recommended routes

There are several companies that offer these services, such as Capitán Nemo or Float Your Boat. Discover their excursions!

Boat trip to Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is the best-known islet in Ibiza, as its surroundings and size leave no one indifferent.

It is also surrounded by mysticism and legends, which adds to the interest aroused by this route.

Come and dive into the waters near Es Vedrà!

Route through the nearby coves

Depending on who takes you, you will be provided with more or less services, such as glass bottom, boat slides, snorkelling, kayaking or paddle surfing.

Regardless of who you choose, the route through the nearby coves is a must, as you will discover the most beautiful beaches of the area in a single trip in a comfortable way.

The boats will make a stop at each of the locations for you to enjoy a swim or a fun activity.

Other maritime services

If you like music and dancing, there are also companies that offer boat parties.

Or you can enjoy these trips at sunset to enjoy the magical Ibiza sunset.

From the Base Hotel

As we are located close to the seafront, you have all the services we have mentioned within walking distance.

If you need more information or help, don't hesitate to ask us, we'll be happy to guide you!

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